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Sold Everything and Traveled the World

Flying out of Tokyo
My name’s Graham Brown and I sold everything and traveled the world with my family.

Some people think we’re crazy. But what’s more crazy? Living the life on a paradise island or working crazy 60 hour weeks just to afford 2 weeks in the sun? I think you know the answer.

We set out on a journey that took us on places we could only dream about: from snorkeling the coral reefs of Fiji to exploring the backstreets of Tokyo to mountain biking the wildernesses of New Zealand. This is our Location Independent story and it’s one anyone can achieve with the right planning and a bit of determination.

That’s why I wrote this guide “The First 20 Steps” because getting started can often be the hardest part. Take a look and see what you think. It’s free. Just enter your email in the signup box below. So what are you waiting for?

This is what people say about my guides:

I’ve just finished to read your book and I found it just AMAZING and absolutely inspiring.I’m from Italy, a country where young people are very depressed for the bad economic situation and I think your book should be available in Italian too. I have the dream to become a location independent since I was 19 years old. I already had a little experience of location independence since I was working as freelance editor and blogger for Italian online journal.I also set up many online businesses, such as three online journals and many websites of viral websites, but there’s still something that hold me back… buy your book has been very very helpful!
– Fabrizio Martini, Italy
‘I’ll do it when I’m older’ – No you won’t. How you live your life today is how you will live the rest of your life. Words of advice from Graham Brown in this fantastic book that outlines how to earn a passive income while living like you’re permanently on vacation.

If you too are putting your dreams on hold until (Fill in the Blank_______) then pick this up and get some well healed advice. Brown ditched the corporate wheel, and can be now found traveling the globe with his family, living the words in this book to the fullest. Mix “The 4 Hour Work Week” with equal measures of “Into the Wild”, “On the Road” and “How to be Free” and you’ll be part way to the topics and inspiration found here – from the types of ways to earn an income while traveling (including Pay Rates) to the cost of living in over 40 cities. From the cost of a taxi around the world to the cities with the most hours of sunshine, Brown has you covered.

With inspiring quotes dotted along the way, like Seth Godin’s classic ‘Instead of wondering when your next vacation is, maybe you should set up a life you don’t need to escape from’, this is a great place to start if you already have one foot out of the door towards living your dream. As the author wisely says, ‘Life expands when you step out of your comfort zone’.

A great book, filled with useful and useable information and advice. Definitely worth it’s weigh in gold. Or sand if that’s what you dream about.
– Ian Stewart, USA

I also have dreams to travel the world at some stage, and this book is full of really helpful advice and tips, because the author has been there and done that, and talks from experience.I urge anyone interested in travelling to buy this book, take on board the advice of a very wise man, and go and have a blast. You won’t regret it!
– Fraser Thom, Spain
There’s a huge variety of options in both the travel and the businesses and the ways in which they can be combined that are inspiring and invigorating. The day-to-day side isn’t neglected, it’s all very practical and actionable. It’s great motivation to get started!
– Constance Carter, UK
The book is well laid out , easy to read and collect information about specific trips that will prove invaluable to the reader, all of the advice direct from the author who has experienced and is “living” the dream as we read and Dream
– Barry Cooney, Ireland

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I hate spam too! I'll never share or sell your details.
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