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Fire Your Boss, Sell Your Car, Travel the World

The Complete Guide to Location Independence

Most people think traveling long term means you have to a) win the lottery or b) burn through your life savings. Well, most people are wrong. What if you could travel and make money in the process? It’s possible if you follow the advice in this book and it works for solo travelers from students to retirees and families.

In this book, author Graham Brown shows you how to become location independent. A successful entrepreneur with a comfortable lifestyle, he sold everything, packed his possessions into a suitcase and traveled the world.

“this book is full of really helpful advice and tips, because the author has been there and done that, and talks from experience” – Fraser Thom, Spain

“I’ve just finished to read your book and I found it just AMAZING and absolutely inspiring.” – Fabrizio Martini, Italy

“A great book, filled with useful and useable information and advice. Definitely worth its weight in gold. Or sand if that’s what you dream about.” – Ian Stewart, USA

“This book is a revelation. Not just about the dream, the travelling and the freedom, the joy and contentment that a location independent life can bring.” – Farah LB, UK

“The book is well laid out , easy to read and collect information about specific trips that will prove invaluable to the reader, all of the advice direct from the author who has experienced and is living the dream as we read and dream.” – Barry Cooney, Ireland

NEW: The First 50 Steps to Location Independence

How to Start Planning Your Travel Dreams and Escape from Mediocrity Today

Do you dream of long term travel but don’t know where to start? Want to go on a trip around the world but not sure how to finance it? Want to quit your job and travel long term but don’t know what’s involved?

Money, flights, accommodation, visas, health insurance… the list can be endless and daunting.

In this book road-tripping entrepreneur, Graham Brown, will show you the first 50 steps you can take towards Location Independence delivering sound advice on how to plan, finance and bulletproof your travel.

Whether you’re going next week or planning in 5 years time, you’ll find valuable advice in this introduction guide aimed at all levels – from beginners to advanced offshore entrepreneurs.

The Barefoot Journal Guide to Air Travel

The Barefoot Journal Guide to Air Travel
Rated 5 Stars on Amazon
rated 5 stars on Amazon

How to Get the Best Deals on Flights

Cheap flights, the best seats, upgrades and – it’s all a game. Airlines profit from this game because 90% of their customers don’t know the rules.

For example, people waste money on airline loyalty schemes that don’t work or “discount tickets” you can get cheaper elsewhere. They also follow hacks that encourage them to spend thousands on their credit card just to get a “free” flight. It’s seductive but you end up wasting time and money. There is a better way.

If, if you know the rules of the game you, too, can profit. I collected over a million air miles in the last 10 years of flying and learning the rules of the game. I’ve flown everything from $5 seats all the way up to luxury first class cabins. I’m going to share my experience and advice in this guide with you so you can avoid costly travel mistakes.

The Barefoot Journal Guide to Air Travel will teach you the rules of the travel game. That means getting the best seats, finding better flights and saving $1000s on tickets.

“This to-the-point guide gives a good summary of travelling by air. There are excellent suggestions on the best times to book your flight, how to choose the better seats and how to travel light. I particularly liked the debunking of ‘something for nothing'” – Tessa Warburg, USA

“I really enjoyed this book, despite it being quite short. There were many aspects of air travel covered that I was already familiar with, but a few that really challenged me to think differently” – Andrew Lea, USA

“It is very well written, down-to-earth, and cuts through some of the hysterical hype found in much cheap airfare advice. Good job!” – Whistlers Mom, USA

Wisdom of the Road

Wisdom of the Road Travel Quotes

Rated 5 Stars on Amazon
rated 5 stars on Amazon

270 Quotes and Words of Wisdom to Inspire Travelers

Pocket wisdom from a world of authors, poets and travelers to inspire and fire your enthusiasm and motivation to see the world. Carry this with you everywhere on your iPhone, Kindle or iPad as a reference for instant inspiration. Find that one quote for your diary, to stick on your fridge or to send to a friend.

“I loved this book! Recommended for all travelers, young and old, that need a dose of inspiration to fuel their future travels” – Tiffany Owens, USA

“This book gave me a lot of inspiration and many smiles. It would make a great gift, and not just for travelers” – Karla, USA

“Quote after quote made me want to seek a new path in life. I find myself in need of travel experience” – S. Morris, UK

“Amazing words full of wisdom, awareness and poetry for a better way to travel the world or just travel through your soul … – Yarla Garcia, Italy

“Great selection of travel quotes and well compiled offering something different for inspiring travellers. The quotes are a mixture of classic travel quotes, life quotes that are applicable to travel, and some that are more abstract. If you’re looking for inspiration on your travels or in your life, this is fantastic read and something you can reference back to” – Chris King, UK

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